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The Georgia Department of Agriculture found that these Bhut Jolokia Pepper seeds had
a germination rate of 85%, the same as the Bhut Jolokia seed sold by the Chile Pepper
Institute at New Mexico State University. Some Jolokia seeds pods from India are not true
to strain since there are so many kinds.


Caution:  you should know that these seeds grow to produce the hottest Chili Pepper in
the world.

ALWAYS WEAR PLASTIC GLOVES WHEN CUTTING. I garantee they will sprout i'm
getting 80% now in 2010. WARN FRIENDS WHEN USED IN RECIPE'S.

more than one million Scoville Units it was supposed to be several times hotter than the
Red Savina™, that was the holder of the worlds hottest pepper in the Guinness World
Order Bhut Jolokia seeds from Green Earth Co.
Bigdena Average fruit weight 220 - 280g (8 - 10  oz).

Bigdena produces very high yield, good fruit shelf life, and strong vigor. Bigdena is an open plant type that is easy to maintain and has low labor costs. It can
maintain its size and shape under high temperature and light conditions.

Blitz Average fruit weight 180 - 200g (6.5 - 7 oz). A large beefsteak with strong vigor, uniform ripening and excellent quality. Blitz is suitable for spring and fall
crops and performs well under high light conditions and summer heat. -  
Jelona (Yellow)  Average fruit weight 180 - 190 grams (6.5 - 6.75 oz) A yellow beef steak with firm fruits and high vigor. Suitable for the specialty market.

Beorange (Orange)  Average fruit size 170 - 190 grams (6.0 - 6.75 oz) Large Uniform, orange beef steak. TmC5VF2FrWi

Geronimo Newer variety but already one of the most widely used beefsteak varieties. Average fruit weight 240g (8.5 oz). High yield from a well balanced plant.
Fruits are very large, firm, nice color and good taste. Performs better under glasshouses, lower density and later planting

Growdena Average fruit weight 220 - 280g (8 - 10  oz).

Growdena produces a vigorous plant that is open and keeps very good leaf length. It features uniform fruit, good firmness, good setting in the summer and
high yield. Growdena is a greenhouse beef tomato that produces the large sizes desired by the NAFTA market.

Match  Average fruit weights 180 - 240g (6.5 - 8.5 oz). A large beefsteak with uniform ripening and good quality. Fruit shape is flatter than Trust with a taller

Average weight of 240 grams (8.5oz) Newer variety with an open plant habit strong vigor and generative characteristics. Fruits are deep red, firm and uniform.

Rapsodie  Average weight of 190 -252 grams (7 - 9 oz)
Rapsodie is a beef variety for active glasshouse production. Very good regular shape, nice round and a very early variety.
Good plantation in low light conditions, fast plant development, and flat leaves. Easy to handle and low labor cost.

Trust  Average fruit weight 200 - 210grams (7 - 7.5oz) One of the most popular varieties in production today. Large fruits with uniform ripening. Moderate vigor
but high production. Suitable for many different climatic conditions and growing systems.

Tomimaru Muchoo
Average fruit weight 160 - 180 grams (5.5 -6.5oz) Pink beef tomato for loose harvest. Fruits are a deep shiny pink colour and very uniform in shape with good
taste A high yielding, moderate vigor plant, fruit with Brix 5-7.


Pack sizes 100, 250 or 1,000 seeds, normally  untreated seed.


Average fruit weight 17 - 20 grams (0.6 - 0.75 oz). Amsterdam is an newer introduction with grape shaped fruit with excellent flavor. Brix 8+.

Average fruit weight 15 - 20 grams (0.5 - 0.75 oz) An early variety with strong vigor with good shelf life.

click for tech sheet.

Average weight 12-15 grams. Very sweet and tasty plum cherry/plum shaped tomato used in both protected and field (staked) loose harvest crops. Cello has a
very good flavor with a Brix of 7-10 and strong tolerance to cracking. Fruit has a good shelf life.


New !

Average fruit weight 20 grams (0.75 oz) Long shelf life and firm fruits. Calyx stays green. Conchita may be used for truss harvest.

Fruit weight of 15-20 grams (0.5 - 0.7 oz) Grape shape with an excellent flavor and a brix of 8+ TmVF2N.

Favorita  Average fruit weight of 15 grams (0.5 oz). Red, semi greenback cherry tomato Favorita has a vigorous slightly stretched plant with long trusses, many
double. Excellent flavor and fruit shape.

Goldita  Yellow cherry. -


Pack sizes 100, 250 or 1,000 seeds, normally  untreated seed.

Flavorino   Average fruit weight 35 grams (1.25 oz).
A Roma or Plum type, with a regular, flat truss shape. Tall, vigorous plant with possible truss harvest but should ideally be grafted with Beaufort or Maxifort a
long crop to gain resistances and vigor.Foliage tends to be lush. Truss can produce 7-9 fruit on a flattened truss and fruit is very tasty.   
Goldino    Yellow cocktail -

Picolino    Average fruit weight of 20 grams new cherry with long shelf life very firm fruits calyx stays green very vigorous growth possible truss harvest good
taste and color. Excellent flavor TmC5VF2FrWi   
Orangino Orange cocktail -

Red Delight  A round cluster harvest cocktail type.  Average fruit size 55 grams (1.8 - 2.0 oz). A tall vigorous variety that is early into production and can be
pinched or grafted. Firm, deep red shiny fruits, up to 10 per cluster, with a good shelf life, high tolerance to cracking and a brix of 6.0+. Disease resistance

TRUSS TOMATO SEED  * = most widely used varieties

Pack sizes 100, 250 or 1,000 seeds, normally  untreated seed.

*Clarance  Average fruit weight 140 -160 grams (5 - 5.75 oz) One of the highest yielding large cluster varieties. Fruits have a deep red shiny color that remain
firmly attached to the truss. Clarance has moderate vigor and very good resistance to Blossom end rot.

Clermon Average fruit size  140 grams (5 oz)

Clermon is a  vigorous cluster tomato variety with excellent balance and good setting.
Well adapted to short days. Uniform fruits with deep red color, nice green parts and very good shelf-life.


Fruit size averages 140-160g Produces a slightly shorter but more open plant than Clarance. High yield potential but must be grafted for long crops

High yield.

Tradiro Average fruit weight 125 - 150 grams ( 4.5 - 5.5 oz) A large type cluster tomato, slightly smaller than Clarance, with uniform ripening, outstanding
quality and excellent shelf life. Vigorous growth produces firm fruits and high yield.

A paler Multy type, Long Day. Compact plant, medium bolting tolerance. Good weight.  Nice blond color and plant shape. Thick and well curled leaves. Good
volume and number of leaves. Good uniformity of the final product.

Resistance: Bl1-25, Nasanovia.

A paler, finer curled Multy type, Short Day, Compact plant, Fast bolting and good weight. Brilliant blond color and nice plant shape. Good weight and yield.  
Thick and very curled leaves. Very high number and good volume of leaves. Nice presentation of the final product.

Resistances: Bl1-25.  

A very fine curled Multy type, Long Day,  Compact plant, good bolting and medium weight.  Nice brilliant green color. Good bolting.  Thick and very fine, well  
curled leaves. Very good shelf life, presentation and volume of the leaves.

Resistance: Bl1-25, Nasanovia.

Multy type, Long Day. A big plant, good bolting and high weight. Multy type with more vigor.  Nice brilliant green color. Good bolting.  Thick and well curled

Resistance: Bl1-25, Nasanovia.

A more coarsely Multy type, Short Day. Good vigor with good compactness, medium bolting and very good weight. Nice green color and nice round shape of
plant.  Good thick leaves. Good uniformity and medium volume.  Very high number of leaves.

Resistance: Bl1-25.

Red Multy type, Short Day.  Medium volume of plant, very fast bolting and medium - low weight.  Open plant. Nice red color. Better results in winter.  Medium
thickness and curled leaves. Good uniformity and medium number of leaves. Good volume of leaves.

Resistance: Bl1-2

A very finely curled red Multy type, Long Day.  Compact plant, medium bolting and medium weight. External pale red and internal green color.  Very thick, fine
and very curled leaves. Very good shelf life. Very fine stems with high volume of leaves.  It has a perfect presentation.

Resistance: Bl1-25.

A slow bolting red Multy type, Long Day.  Nice Compact plant, good bolting and medium weight . Dark red color.  Medium size of plant.  Medium thick leaves
and nice curliness. Good uniformity of leaves.  Good volume and presentation.

Resistance: Bl1-25.

A red Multy type with oak leaf shaped leaves, Long Day.  Good vigor of plant, but not compact, good bolting and low weight.  Brilliant red color. Upright plant
shape.  Thin and smooth leaves. Very big leaves and lower uniformity of product.  Medium shelf life. Very nice plant
Resistance: Bl1-25.

BUTTERHEAD (Long day varieties)  LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Astraca Astaca is a dark green, large-framed butterhead with a broad, healthy, well-closed bottom. The variety is strong on internal tipburn. Thanks to the
loosely filled heads, it has good field keep ability. Astraca performs well in Mediterranean winters  Available conventional or Organic
Brighton Brighton is our new medium sized butterhead with a strong bottom and well-filled, good closing heads. The variety is strong on tipburn and very
strong against Bremia (HR Bl:1-26).  Available conventional or Organic
Charles  Charles is a large framed long day variety for late spring, summer and early fall cultivation. It is a medium sized, thick leaved variety with an attractive
color that is slow bolting and strong against tip-burn. Resistance: Bremia races 1,3-10,14-22.Recommended sowing period 20th Dec to 25th Aug.   
Elton  A butter head / Boston lettuce suitable for long day conditions. Elton is large framed and has a strong leaf structure with an attractive color. Elton has a
strong resistance to tip burn and is resistant to Bremia BL 1-17, 19 & 21 .  

Flandria  Flandria is one of the standard glasshouse butter head varieties for production from the spring to autumn. It is slow bolting and strong against tip
burn, forming a well closed base. Resistant to BL 1-17, 21,23 . photo coming soon      
Laurel A very variety rugged and suitable for a wide range of conditions and does well in the humid tropics. Uniform, with a medium green color. Tipburn
tolerant and resistant to Bremia BL 1-4,6,7,10, 13-15.   
Michael New introduction, compact head, heat tolerant butter head type similar to Rex, but with higher downy mildew resistance: Bl: 1-22,24,25.    
* Rex  A thick-leaved summer type but often used year round. Excellent quality, slow-bolting and very strong against tip burn, with a nice, clean and well-closed
base, its leaves are not brittle and it is easy to cut. Resistant to Bremia BL 1-12, 17, 18, 22.   

Large size Red Butter that is a ruby color halfway down the leaf with a brilliant green color contrast towards the core. It has great texture, slow bolting and very
attractive, making it suitable for both Processor and Carton. Resistant to HR Bl:1-26/Nr:0, IR LMV.

Sumaya A well-sized variety particularly suitable for summer cultivations. Resistant to Bremia BL 1-23, 25
Available conventional or Organic
Vincenzo is a winter butterhead developed for the south of Italy. Vincenzo is a vigorous green butter head with a less closed head than Fidel and a well closed
base. The variety is strong against tipburn and resistant against the downy mildew : Bl: 1-26.

Volare Volare completes the butterhead winter program for cold greenhouse production in Southern Europe. This variety is strong on bolting and tipburn and
therefore suitable for the late autumn crops harvest at the end of October and in November and for the last spring crops harvest in April. Volare is a small to
medium sized variety. The regular and uniform heads gives a lot of yellow leaves.  Available conventional or Organic

BUTTERHEAD (Short day varieties)  LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

A  NEW! short day variety for winter and spring cultivation. Currently in trial - please call us for an evaluation sample. Medium to large framed. Good on tip
burn. Performs well under low light conditions, strong head with well closed base. Bremia races 1-25

LOLLA ROSSA  LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Amandine  A triple red variety with intense color recommended for spring, winter and autumn. Suitable for indoor  and out door cultivation that can produce
large heavy heads. Resistant to BL 4-16,21 and 23.

Revolution  A Lollo Rossa type with a good red color. Revolution is slow bolting and has good vigor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor production. Resistant to
Bremia BL 1-16

Soltero  A Lollo Rossa type with a good red color.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor production. Resistant to Bremia BL 1-25

LOLLA BIONDA  LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Bergamo A Lolla Bionda for indoor and outdoor production. Sowing period from 1st Sept to 1st Feb Very uniform blond type with fine serrated leaves. Slightly
larger frame than Cireo.  Bremia BL 1-4,6,7,10,13-15, 17,19,22,25   
Locarno  LOCARNO RZ is a slow-bolting variety suitable for outdoor cultivation. Large-framed variety with light green and glossy leaves, even under hot
conditions. The leaves are densely incised. Open headed, even under Mediterranean winter conditions. The base is more green when compared to standard
varieties. Resistant to Bl:1-16,21,23.    


Cedar(Green)  Medium sized blond-green oakleaf. More compact than Veredes. Slow bolting and strong against tipburn.
Resistances: Nr: 0, Bl: 1-26    
Pagero Pagero has a highly attractive, nice fresh green colour. Moreover, this big-sized variety has very regular heads. It is suitable for harvest in the winter
and spring.  Available conventional or Organic
Torero Torero is a mid-sized green oakleaf with fast filling heads and a well-closed, healthy and slightly upright bottom. This variety, which is also strong
against tipburn, is selected specifically for greenhouse production in Northern and Southern Europe.  Available conventional or Organic
Veredes  (Green)  Vigorous blond-green oakleaf. Strong on NFT systems.
Slow bolting and strong against tipburn.
Resistances: Nr: 0, Bl: 1-17,19,21,23    

RED OAK LEAF LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Jamai (Red)  Jamai RZ is a slow bolting triple red Oak Leaf.
It has sturdy leaves and is vigorous for a triple red.    
Ferrari (Red) A Red Oak leaf type with excellent shelf life and resistance to Bremia BL 1, 3-7, 11, 12, 18-24.    
Navara (Red)  

Compact and upright triple red oakleaf. Attractive shiny red leaves. Slow to bolt.

Resistances: Nr: 0, Bl: 1-26

Piman This very well filling new oakleaf variety has an attractive red colour and a nicely closed and clean bottom. The heads are flat, midsized and very well
filled.  Available conventional or Organic
Versai (Red) Red oak leaf type. Performs well under warm conditions, smooth texture with open head and uniform leaves.

GREEN LEAF LETTUCE (Grand Rapids type) SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Kismy This dark green open batavia gives a good volume and is becoming a standard for winter production in France and Italy.  Available conventional or
Frizella This medium-sized glasshouse batavia has an upright growth habit and a well-closed base. Frizella , an open and robust variety, is suited to winter and
early spring productions.  Available conventional or Organic

COS/ROMAINE LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Amadeus A Cos lettuce with a uniform, upright frame. The head is well closed and uniform in shape that makes more leaves than comparable varieties.
Resistant to BL 1-17, 21 and 23.   
Counter A new introduction from Nunhems with excellent results. Resistant to BL 1-16,19 & 23. Highly adaptable for greenhouse and heat tolerant.   
Little Gem  A well established, small framed Romaine (semi Cos type), heat tolerant small heading variety. Used widely outdoors but highly adaptable for
hydroponic use.  This variety was first listed in England in 1880.   
New introduction, currently in trial. Seed is only available as raw seed in 1,000 seed units at present.   

CURLY LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Mirata   Long day variety with attractive appearance and good texture. Resistance to BL 1-16,19,21.   

ICEBERG LETTUCE SEED. Pelleted (Pills) Seed.

Galera  A new introduction. Experience in the tropics and subtropics is limited, but Galera’s excellent bolting and tipburn resistance, earliness and head
formation make this variety adapted to warm climates. Resistance to BL 1-16,19,21,23
Green Earth Co.    Melbourne, Florida
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Bhut Jolokia Pepper seeds

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http://www.germaniaseed.com/ This company focuses
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in use. During that same period, our experimentation and interest led to the introduction of the DeRuiter line of greenhouse hybrid tomato and
European cucumber seed to American growers. We have since expanded our inventory to include seeds from Seminis, Rijk Zwaan and MGS. These
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Seed Savers Exchange,
http://www.seedsavers.org/  3076 North Winn Road, Decorah, Iowa 52101, 1-319-382-5990. This organization works to preserve heirloom seeds, and is
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Tomato Growers Supply Company, P.O. Box 2237, Fort Myers, FL 33902, 1-888-478-7333,
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Companies with Greenhouse Seeds
Charles is a large framed long day
attractive color that is slow bolting and
Rex A thick-leaved summer type but quality, slow-bolting
and very strong against tip burn, with a nice, clean and
well-closed base, its leaves are not brittle and it is easy to
When immature it
produces thick
walled, attractive
shiny purple fruits..
Sympathy A new
introduction for the bigger
size market. Large Orange
to become a standard. The
plant has good vigor and
fruits have good flavor and
a long shelf life.
Very large very uniform
fruits. Average fruit
weight 220
210grams (7 - 7.5oz) One of the
most popular varieties in production
ripening. Moderate vigor but high
production. Suitable for many
different climatic conditions and
growing systems.